Dendrochronological borer 300/12/6,5 Berlin-type

The Berlin-type borer for dendrochronological purpose enhances sampling-capabilities in case of special needs. In addition of our own products, we included the tool of PFUNDT-Schneidwerkzeugmechanik into our delivery program. We recommend the use of this tool in case of not too much pitch streaked coniferous timbers or if very small boreholes are needed because of special sampling-requirements. Due to its construction and the construction materials the borer is not suitable for large series of samplings in oak for instance, especially in case of timbers with broad annual rings. Furthermore the tool was made for careful and sensitive utilization. The producer points out in his instruction manual that the borer has to be used with a considerable amount of patience. Special attention has to be paid on a proper and straight guidance. For more information, please see the producers' homepage >

Technical datasheet

Custom-made tool for dendrochronological purpose.
Field of application: dry coniferous wood and sampling conditions which require a minimal invasive procedure.

• Total length – 300 mm
• External diameter – 12 mm
• Internal diameter – 6,5 mm
• suitable for samples with a max. length of – 260 mm
• Bolt for drill chuck mounting – 12 mm

Recommended tool
• Round steel bar (5 mm) for the extraction of samples from the borer

• Dendrochronological borer, Berlin-type – €  104,00
• Tool – €     5,00

Re-sharpening service
• Please send product directly to its manufacturer

Subject to technical modifications.

All Prices to be understood without VAT, packing and postage. Pricelist is valid from January 2022.
All former price lists hereby lose validity.

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