Dendrochronological borer 300/19/12
(core drill, incrementborer)

Custom made tool for dendrochronological purpose with special coating for enhanced boring-ejection. Field of application: dry deciduous and coniferous wood.

Technical datasheet

Essential tool set

• Total length: 300 mm

• External diameter: 19 mm

• Internal diameter: 12 mm

• suitable for samples with a max. length of: 220 mm

• Bolt for drill chuck mounting: 12 mm


1. Fence made from plastic

2. Round steel bar for the extraction of samples from the core drill

3. Cutter-hook for the extraction of samples from the object under investigation, suitable for samples up to ca. 250mm

Price list

Re-sharpening service

Core drill, for deciduous and coniferous:
€  335,00

Three-part toolset:
€    31,00

The core-drill and the toolset may also be hired.
Lending fee for one month:
€    67,00

The lending fee will be taken into account of a later purchase.

€    24,50

Reshaping and grinding of older types of core drills:
€    52,00

Removal of old coating, application of new coating:
€    80,00

All Prices to be understood without VAT, packing and postage. Price list is valid from January 2022. All former price lists hereby lose validity.